Tuesday, March 15, 2005

News travels fast...

Thanks for the calls and emails regarding the blog- it's nice to know somebody is paying attention. That is the whole point after all... right? To address one of the comments posted to the blog: no, I do not know how tall the Pope is. Sorry. Maybe one of our Italian readers would know. Thanks for playing along though.

Ok, today's little photo is of our new Masi socks. Way comfy and made by our friends down the road at SockGuy. Two sizes and colors- small/ medium and large/ x-large, white/ grey and grey/ black. Retailers; stock them! Consumers; buy them! The least expensive way to own a Masi (two really).

Spending the day working on the next line of bikes. Women's bikes, component spec, graphics and colors. All the tedious details that make up part of the process and (please don't tell anybody) part of the fun. I admit it, I really like looking at bike parts and drawings of bikes trying to figure out how to put together stuff that will appeal to the broadest range of people. The nuts and bolts of the job are actually quite titillating (just been looking for a way to use that word). It's always cool when one of our parts vendors shows up with a bunch of things to look at. Not all salesmen (or women) are created equal, but it is so cool to fondle new parts and try to find a way to use them. There is so much cool crap out there and we only use a small portion of it.

FYI- Going to see the folks at Shimano soon for a little peak at what is coming out soon. I'll be bringing the camera and will snap some shots of stuff that they will let me show you. Of course many things are off limits, but not everything. So keep coming back to look for a sneak peek of '06 products... you'll see it here first!


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