Friday, March 11, 2005

Keepin' it real with steel... for another day.

Another gorgeous steel steed. This one is for all of you who had an old Masi, wanted an old Masi or just appreciate good lugged steel frames. This is the bike that really made Masi famous, the Volumetrica. Internal steel lugs, flat crown fork and horizontal drop outs with adjuster screws (of course). Not just any internal lugs either- THE internal lugs from the original Volumetrica bikes. They've been sitting in a box for years and years, just waiting to be joined to tubes. Keep your eyes on this blog to find out when they are available for purchase... yep, purchase. These babies will be available for sale in very limited numbers. I mean LIMITED... like only about 25-50 frames total. That is a very special frame. This will be a very worthy acquisition for all of you collectors and vintage fans. For those of you who love the ride of lugged steel, this is one of the very finest rides you'll ever find. Dedacciai steel tubing, those wonderful lugs and a flat crown steel fork. The 1" fork will come threadless so you can either cut your own threads and use a quill stem, or leave it threadless and use a threadless stem to modernize it. Pricing and color is still to be determined at the moment, so keep coming back.

Ok, time for a little group slobber session!


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